Cutera TruSculpt 3D

At Honet Dermatology & Cosmetic, we offer a variety of noninvasive body contouring treatments including Cutera TruSculpt®3D, a unique nonsurgical radiofrequency device designed to reduce and destroy fat, sculpt, and contour the body. TruSculpt®3D gives patients the opportunity to noninvasively address today’s most common body-sculpting and body-contouring concerns. TruSculpt®3D delivers clinically therapeutic temperatures to the subcutaneous adipose (fat) tissue. This targeted, repeatable approach helps achieve the highest clinical efficacy in the shortest possible treatment time, while consistently maintaining patient comfort. The beauty of this noninvasive procedure is that it can be used to decrease circumference and diminish fat on both large and small areas of numerous areas of the body with TruSculpt®3D’s different hand pieces, thereby providing the flexibility and customization that are often needed to meet the specific contouring needs of individual patients.

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