Summertime Travel and Skincare

Summer is not over, and there are a few, precious weeks left for some rest and relaxation. Short trips out of town and weekends on the beach are what summer is all about, and you still have time to indulge. But what to pack on these cherished jaunts away from home? Packing your summer beauty bag is nothing short of a hassle. Plus, there is that annoyance of packing for the carry-on versus checked baggage. Every woman knows the aggravation of forgetting an essential when she reaches her destination. You simply don’t want to be missing your favorite product, nor do you want to spend precious vacation time going out to buy it. Here is a guide to the essential beauty products to pack for your trip to keep your skin glowing and healthy on your vacation these last few weeks of summer.

  • Sunscreen: It goes without saying that sunscreen should be one of the first beauty items you pack. Avene® MINERAL Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ (Face) is a fabulous mineral-based sunscreen that positions beautifully under makeup. It provides powerful anti-oxidant protection, maximum water resistance, long-lasting hydration, and is perfect for all skin types and tones. Dr. Honet uses this everyday under her own makeup, so you know it has to be good. Also, Neutrogena® UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 is a great option for protecting your skin on vacation. The water-resistant, non-greasy formula absorbs into the skin easily and feels very lightweight. The sunscreen also works as an amazing primer for your makeup, allowing your face to be protected, while looking great. There is also a whole line of Neutrogena® UltraSheer products that will protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays whatever your environment.
  • Water: Water isn’t just for drinking when you’re traveling. Even when you are well hydrated on the inside, your skin takes a beating from the dry, re-circulated, unpleasant air around you, especially when you’re flying. Flying at high altitudes and the stale cabin air leave your face feeling dry, tight, and tired. Although the latest traveling trend is facial water mists, those of us in the know have been using Avène® Thermal Spring Water for decades. It is safe for all skin types, where a spritz of these medicinal mineral waters can help reduce redness and restore hydration balance to your skin. The smaller-sized 50ml bottle is perfect for travel and can fit right into your carry-on bag. Another new trendy but effective way to prevent feeling like your face is a leathery mess when you land is to apply a hydrating sheet mask during your flight. Sure, it looks a little silly to your fellow passengers. You may even scare some of the children on board because you look like Jason of “Friday the 13th,” but the locked-in moisture of the mask will outweigh any funny looks you get on the flight. Just ask any international Asian traveler. Also, there are a numerous sheet mask options on the market. Not only do the big cosmetic chains like Sephora®, Ulta®, and sell them, but even hip fashion vendors like Urban Outfitters® have a whole display to choose from. Look for something that’s hydrating to lock in moisture and leave you with fresh, glowing skin when you land.
  • Moisturizer: Another excellent travel tip is the use of an extra-hydrating moisturizer. If you’re heading to a sunnier spot this summer, make sure you pack your more-emollient moisturizer. A favorite at our office is the Restorsea® Night Cream. This rich, hydrating cream has a formula built for nighttime use, but is also great for your skin when traveling on long flights. It is not only anchored by the rejuvenative Aquabeautine XL® extracted from salmon roe, it also contains shea butter, extracted from the nut of the African shea tree, fatty acids form olive oil, seaweed extract, vitamin C, honeysuckle extracts and soothing extracts of oat. This power-packed cream will provide extra moisture on your flight, as well as replenish the hydration and nutrients your skin needs after those long days in the sun.
  • Makeup: Although skincare is what we are about here at Honet Dermatology/Cosmetic, we love makeup just as much. We could go on and on about make-up (and maybe we will in another blog post), but an absolute must when it comes to a glowing vacation look for summer is vibrant, lustrous lip color. A favorite color among us HDC girls is M.A.C.® Lipstick in the shade “Barbeque.” It’s a beautiful blazing orange red color, in a vivid matte texture. Another great lip color is Gerard Cosmetics® Supreme Lip Crème in the shade “Electric Rose.” This will give your lips a punch of hot pink pigment, while keeping them hydrated as well. If soft pink shades are more your speed, try Clarins® Rouge Eclat Lipstick in the “Rose Praline.” The formula doesn’t dry your lips out but still sets to a soft, matte finish.
  • Hair care: Don’t forget about hair care when you’re heading out of town. Making do with those hotel freebies in the bathroom combined with the hardness or poor quality of the local water may spell disaster on vacation for your hair. Frizz, dullness, and lack of body may all be due to using the wrong products in your hair while traveling. Bringing your favorite hair-care products in travel sizes are definitely worth your while. Also, a great summer hair product is Surf Infusion Spray by Bumble and Bumble®. This spray is an oil- and salt-infused spray that creates soft, sea-tossed waves with a touch of sheen. The spray can be applied to wet or dry hair to achieve desired looks. Another plus is that the spray has added UV filters to guard against the drying and damaging effects of the sun. I discovered this product while recently on vacation myself, and learned that it’s a quick and easy fix when you also don’t feel like heat-styling your hair on those extra-hot days.

We all know traveling is fun, but comes with its inconveniences and unwelcome surprises. Arriving prepared may be the difference between a good vacation and a fantastic one. The list of products to throw in your summer beauty travel bag can be endless, but some of the basic components (other than the ones above) that bear mentioning include make-up removing wipes, a gentle facial cleanser, lip balm (with SPF included of course), aluminum-free deodorant, body moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, self-tanner, tweezers, shaver, and many more. Also, if you’re flying for your end-of-summer get-away, keep in mind the TSA regulations when it comes to packing liquids. Having your beauty favorites confiscated at security can be a real heart breaker, so plan ahead. And finally, before you take off for the summer, don’t forget to stop by our office to pick up a few of your skincare favorites.

Happy end-of-the-summer travels!

–Senada with Dr. H

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