Stranded on a Deserted Island 2.0 – The Hair Series – Kori

Continuing with our blog series “Stranded on a Deserted Island”, we are switching gears and focusing on haircare products. Each month, we are featuring a different staff member’s favorite item picks for hair. Stay tuned at the end of each month for some haircare gems and pearls. 

Part 3 in our haircare series, “Stranded on a Deserted Island 2.0/Senada’s Favorites,” featuring Kori.

At Honet Dermatology/Cosmetic, we are always talking about skincare products—what we love, why we love them, and why some just leave us saying, “meh”. We talk about them among ourselves and we talk about them to patients. Although taking care of skin is our job, we would like to steer our attention to our hair:  how we wash, condition, dry, brush, thicken, cut, style, color, curl, straighten, primp, preen, and agonize over our hair. For women, a bad hair day is a real thing, and at Honet Dermatology/Cosmetic, we would like to help you achieve as many glorious hair days as possible. Let’s not forget our hair and give it equal time as our skin. Stay tuned for our monthly installments of the latest and greatest and the tried-and-trues that keep our mane and locks glowing and flowing.

Kori Frontera HeadshotKori’s




Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus in Divine Dark

Available at,, and

“I love Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus in Divine Dark because it is perfect for people with dark hair who need a pick me up on an off day of washing. I doesn’t leave any white residue like some dry shampoos can do. Plus it adds great volume and smells great, too.”

This one has already made the list twice, a favorite of both Kori and Adelle. I am going to have to try it myself. This must be a real winner! -Dr. H

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finish Spray

Available at and

“The OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finish Spray is lightweight and never leaves my hair feeling stiff or sticky. It also keeps my flyways at bay and also smells wonderful. Oh! And I can’t forget that this hair spray adds overall shine.”

I have to admit I do love a good hairspray. I’m going to have to try this one, too. –Dr. H

Enjoy these beautiful days of summer. Happy, Healthy Hair!

–Dr. H

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