Now Is The Best Time For Cellulite Treatments

Noninvasive Body Contouring Bloomfield Hills, MISpring is here, and that means that summer is just a few months away. If your cellulite has you dreading the warmer weather, now may be the time to finally address the issue with our BTL Cellutone® treatments.

Cellulite and Orange Peel Skin

Although fat plays a role in both cellulite and bulges on your body, the key difference is that cellulite also involves problems with the connective tissue of your skin. Therefore, cellulite has a distinct, “orange peel” appearance. Aging and other factors weaken the connective tissue, and this allows the fat to protrude through openings in the latticework of fibrous tissue.

Treatment Comparison: Excess Fat vs. Cellulite

Excess fat can be eliminated with surgery, as well as non-surgical body contouring treatments that destroy fat cells. Because cellulite also involves connective tissue, any treatment needs to target both the fat and connective tissues.

Cellulite Treatment with BTL Cellutone®

BTL Cellutone® is a non-invasive treatment for cellulite. One treatment takes very little time, and you may see up to 40% reduction in your cellulite. The secret behind these results is a mechanical vibration that stimulates blood flow and helps your body naturally eliminate the interstitial fluid in the treatment area. We typically recommend four to six treatments for full results, but this varies by patient.

The Ultimate Body Contouring Solution

Why stop at cellulite when you can also eliminate excess fat? Add CoolSculpting® and Cutera TrueSculpt® 3D to your BTL Cellutone® treatments for a comprehensive fat and cellulite reduction plan. These procedures will not lengthen your appointment significantly, and now downtime is needed.

Maintaining the Results

Maintaining the results of your cellulite treatments and body contouring may require follow-up treatments. We also recommend that you follow a healthy, active lifestyle to prevent new fat from developing on your body.

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Cellulite? Contact Honet Dermatology | Cosmetic Today.

To learn more about cellulite treatment, non-invasive body contouring and our other cosmetic dermatology procedures, as well as our medical dermatology treatments, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Linda C. Chung Honet at our office in Bloomfield Hills. You can also contact us directly at (248) 792-7600.

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