Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic Turns One!

My first memory at Honet Dermatology/Cosmetic goes back to March of 2015, I and the rest of Dr. Honet’s new staff had our first walkthrough of the office space. What a sight to see! Although Dr. Honet and our Practice Manager Adelle were so excited to show us the office and explain all of the various components, it was all so hard to envision. At that point, the office was nowhere near completed; all we saw were steel beams in place of walls, dusty concrete floors, and construction workers milling about. We have come such a long way in a year! Since we first opened our doors in May 2015, we have definitely grown into our own “skin” here at HDC.

Lately, it’s easy to forget how new we are. It’s amazing how quickly we established a flow in our office that allowed our everyday operations to become a natural routine. Before we knew it, it felt like we had been established for ages. As our one-year anniversary approached, we found ourselves sitting back and admiring how far we had come in such a short time. We have grown in so many ways– new procedures, new machines, new products, new staff members, and not to mention, new patients! We are proud to say that the last year has been a huge learning experience for all of us.
We’ve had many exciting things happen since we first opened. Among the highlights, back in October of 2015, we hosted our first open house event, “Evening of Beauty.” We spent hours planning and preparing for our event, down to every last detail. All the meticulous planning and preparation were well worth it. The event turned out to be a huge success and was lots of fun for all of us and everyone who attended!

We also became the proud owners of four new machines, allowing our list of cosmetic procedures to grow exponentially. Our SilkPeel machine was our first purchase, and it’s one of our most favorite treatments around here! SilkPeel is a proprietary Dermalinfusion procedure for the skin that simultaneously exfoliates through microdermabrasion, evacuates by gentle vacuum suction, and then infuses therapeutic serum solutions into the skin. Silkpeel is perfect for acne, brightening, hydration, and scarring. Our next purchase was an Ultherapy machine, the only FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure for permanent lifting and tightening of the face, neck and chest. Along with Ultherapy, we purchased a CoolSculpting machine to sculpt and eliminate areas of fat. CoolSculpting uses cooling technology to freeze fat cells and permanently destroy them. Most recently, we purchased a Nordlys multiplatform machine that uses both Selective Waveband Technology and focused laser energy to target pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, redness, and hair removal among other things. The Nordlys has been FDA-cleared for 15 different treatments and makes it our most versatile machine yet. With these four machines, our cosmetic products, chemical peels, Botox, and dermal fillers, we can rejuvenate and improve every layer of the skin.

As if our new machines weren’t keeping us busy enough, we have been diligently keeping up with all the latest beauty trends. We have added so many new amazing products to our retail list. One of our new favorites is the SkinMedica® HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, which uses five forms of hyaluronic acid to smooth wrinkles, build collagen, and provide maximal hydration. The HA5 has gotten amazing media attention in the aesthetic skincare world, which we can attest is well-deserved. Of course, our all-time favorite skincare line is still Restorsea®. In the state of Michigan, we are proud to be the exclusive retailer of the Restorsea® Pro line. During our first year of being open, we have been privileged to develop a personal relationship with the Founder and CEO of Restorsea, Patti Pao. Patti has visited us in the office a few times, and we have a blast with this remarkable entrepreneur every time!

Alongside all of the cosmetic elements and treatments that we have established in our practice over the last year, our medical side has grown in leaps and bounds as well. We have built numerous relationships with our patients, striving to make them feel at home as much as possible in a dermatology setting. Although it is hard for a patient to stay completely calm around needles, scalpels, liquid nitrogen, electrocautery, and lasers, we believe that most patients would attest that we strive to be welcoming, attentive, and compassionate in a very experienced, skilled professional setting. Over the last year, we have assisted Dr. Honet in performing multiple surgeries, detecting and diagnosing numerous skin cancers, and helping patients of all ages with their skin conditions. As we continue to grow, we hope that our practice here at HDC remains a place that, under our care, allows our patients to feel confident that they and their skin can be the healthiest, happiest, and most radiant versions of themselves!

-Senada with Dr. Honet

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