Posts From October, 2016

Stranded on a Deserted Island | Kori’s Favorite Products

Each month, we are featuring a different staff member’s favorite item picks. Stay tuned at the end of each month for some skincare pearls.  Part 4 in our series, “Stranded on a Deserted Island” At Honet Dermatology/Cosmetic, we often talk and think about skin care products—what we love, why we love them, and why some just leave us saying, “meh”.… Read More »

October is for Pink Ribbons

As October has begun, our regular routines have become reestablished, the leaves have started to change color, temperatures have cooled a bit, and before we have realized it, we have bid farewell to summer and opened our doors to fall. October marks the autumn season with fall fashions springing forward and Halloween lurking around the corner,… Read More »

Chin Up: Dissolve Your Double Chin

A smooth, tight, sculpted jawline is a hallmark of a youthful countenance. The aging effects of time, sun damage, and weight gain can take their toll on your face, resulting in laxity, sagging, and bagging and looking older than you feel. Short of going under the knife and getting a facelift and neck lift, until recently, there… Read More »

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