Jasmine Hanna

Medical Assistant and Pharma Liaison

Jasmine Hanna is a Certified Medical Assistant with additional experience in geriatric medicine and is also HDC’s Pharma Liaison, where she keeps the practice up-to-date with new dermatologic medications and facilitates and processes insurance coverage of these medications for our patients.. She graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. At a very early age, Jasmine has had a strong passion for working in the medical field. With a soft spot in her heart for elderly patients, Jasmine loves showering all geriatric patients with compassion and attentive care. She strives to continue her education and pursue becoming a Physician Assistant. Working as a medical assistant with Dr. Linda Honet and the team has affirmed Jasmine’s love for improving the lives of others through quality medical and dermatologic care. Jasmine looks forward to continuing to pursue her career passion in healthcare at Honet Dermatology and Cosmetic.

Our job is to love people when it hurts, when it’s awkward, or when it’s embarrassing. Our job is to love people when they’re at their most vulnerable moments. That’s what makes my job at Honet Dermatology so fulfilling.

– Jasmine

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